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we offer a tailored service that suits the needs of all , while offering both security and peace of mind, allowing you to get on with your event or business.

valetparking solutions

solutions for private or corporate events

we offer a range of valet parking services for all manner of events and requirements. whether you have a wedding, product launch, high profile event, dinner party, birthday party or other celebratory event, we can assist in ensuring your guests experience is profoundly positive. we are able to source equipment and additional options for your event that raise the quality of your event to new levels. we provide a meet and greet service and can add to this feature the option of providing bespoke guest gifts, as memory of their attendance. optional extras such as red carpets, ropes, gas display burners and heaters, seating, shelters and greeting areas. we can manage the parking for you and your guests and ensure the location is safe, secure and capable of handling car parking. if parking is some distance from the venue or indeed the venue is an uneven landscape, we can provide both full chauffeur and taxi services to ferry guests to and from the venue to the collection point. any specific requirements can also be catered for and we are happy to advise and recommend what exactly can be done. we offer site visits to survey and problem solve, with positive solutions to ensure your event, whatever it may be, proceeds without incident.

solutions for business

our solutions for business are wide and varied and can be tailored to the exact needs of the business. our trouble shooting, knowledgeable staff can view your premises, be it a hotel, casino, conference centre, large corporate entity or managed residential or commercial premises and advise on how we can help to operate your particular parking on a much more efficient basis with the use of practical and innovative processes. our service has proven benefits to traffic flows and congestion on site and can be critical when it is know that either multiple simultaneous arrivals or complex arrivals are expected. we can provide valet parkers on a temporary, permanent or as required basis. this means parkers would remain fiscally independent of your business ensuring little statutory compliance is required, thus reducing costs. our parkers are able to provide services to arriving guests and thus elevating their visitor experience, to staff or senior directors, to assist in time saving arrivals and departures or to VIP guests allowing for increased revenue potential for your venue.

we liaise with you to establish exactly what your requirements are and what you expect from the event. throughout the run up to the event, we keep you informed and fully appraised of our progress and plans. this means on the day, we are fully prepared and ready to make sure your event is the huge success you expect it to be. our staff arrive promptly and fully uniformed. once your guests arrive they are greeted by our staff and asked to disembark, each guest is handed their unique identification that allows us to ensure that not only is their vehicle able to be quickly and easily identified, but also that we eliminate the error of handing the wrong vehicle to the wrong guest. the vehicle is then drive away to the secure parking area where it is parked. once the guest is ready to leave, we collect the car from the secure area and return it to the collection point and then once stationary, invite your guest to enter their vehicle. the drivers door is closed and then the guest is directed to the designated exit. It all depends upon the particular circumstances of your event and your choice of valet parker numbers as to how long your guest would have to wait for the return of their vehicle, but we always make sure they are informed of the waiting time in advance and this helps the guest plan their evening to maximise your hospitality. we do tailor for exact requirements, if you have a particular requirement that would further enhance the experience for your guests or clients, then please do let our sales staff who will be happy to assist you with your exact needs.


as with all events, high profile or not, you want to ensure that your guests feel and are safe. you want to make sure their property, be that their vehicle or their belongings are in a secure environment and that the guest themselves are well cared for. we can help. all our security staff are fully trained and insured to industry standards, with full accreditation and can be security uniformed if requested, though are usually dark suited to allow them to blend in. they are confident and experienced in the needs of the most demanding guest, yet polite, friendly and constructive in their dealings. with superb tension deescalating methods, they ensure the most provocative guests are handled sympathetically and courteously. security staff are at all times discreet and yet present, ready, willing and able to deal with all eventualities they will monitor not only the guests themselves but also their property to help make the guests attendance stress and worry free. we do tailor for exact requirements, if you have a particular requirement that would further enhance the experience for your guests or clients, then please do let our sales staff who will be happy to assist you with your exact needs.