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about us

we are the only UK dedicated event valet parking service. we specialise in high profile and media events, private parties, corporate events, weddings or maybe you just wish to make your event or show that little bit special.

what we do

our smartly bespoke uniformed parkers offer a meet and great service for your guests, opening the doors and escorting them from their vehicles. our tailored vehicle/owner identifier system ensures all guests are paired with the correct car and our storage system allows for secure and yet easy access to the guests keys. our parkers direct guests to the desired reception area. our parkers drive the guests vehicles to the desired and specified parking area. the process is reversed when the vehicle is ready for collection. all our parkers are radio connected for immediate and instant updates and dealing with special guest requests. we also supply fully accredited and licensed security, marshalling and door control staff, along with traffic, crowd control equipment and guest welcoming services allowing your event to pass efficiently, smoothly and without incident.

our staff

our parkers are chosen for their driving ability, their neat and well groomed appearance and their discreet and mature approach to such events. all our parkers are trained to be careful, courteous and helpful. they are expected to blend into your event, so that they are available when needed and out of sight when not. all our parkers are insured with a fully comprehensive motor trade policy and allows them to drive any vehicle in all circumstances. all our parkers have a minimum of two driving years behind them and they must have clean UK or EU licences. all licences are available on request and can also be viewed on line (access is restricted).


in view of the events we cater for, our premium service caters for all your needs. no matter what the event or the distance, we are able to supply you with fully trained and knowledgeable staff, whose sole purpose is to ensure your guests are treated like royalty. we offer full confidentiality including NDA’s, CA’s or SA’s where required or can accept similar documents offered to ensure client confidentiality. full discretion is assured.