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our cloakroom valet services

a crucial part of any event is the ability to get arriving guests into the venue and relaxing as soon as possible and that means efficient and organised cloakroom services. our services provide that efficiency and organisation.

cloakroom solutions

cloakroom services for private or corporate events

our cloakroom services are complete, providing enough strong sturdy racking for your guests coats, jackets, bags, umbrellas, shoes and personal items to ensure their organised storage during the event. with use of real wood coat hangers and individually numbered, bespoke tickets, each guest is assured that their valuable possessions are cared for and will be returned on demand and correctly. indeed if your guests are in possession of particularly valuable items, be that jewellery, money or other valuables we can additionally provide an optional extra cost, safe rental for the duration of the event. the safe is highly secure, weighted and only accessible by the cloakroom valet, by code. we can provide tables, signage and all cloakroom valets are fully uniformed in our corporate black attire, however this can be tailored to your event at extra cost. all staff are fully experienced and are also able to act as greeters and information providers.