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valet parking services

we offer a wide variety of standard optional extras to help make your event of venue, proceed smoothly and efficiently. however if there is something not mentioned on this section, we would be very happy to get the item, product or service for you. please contact us on

event valet parking

our valet parkers are specialists in event parking having parked for corporate and private parties and events alike. our unique service takes customer service to a new level, using our huge experience to provide a unique and dedicated service to guests and attendees alike. our service is tailored to the guests expectations and requirements so ensuring their enjoyment is total.

product launch valet parking

whether it is a major car launch, to a new housing development, our services will ensure that the first impression of your invited guests is the right one. from personal one on one service for arriving guests to bespoke tickets, your invited guests will enjoy a greeting that sets the standards your product expects.

wedding, dinner party, social event valet parking

if you have a social event, you want and need it to go to plan and it is important to get all guests into the venue and to the event as quickly as possible. you just want it all to go well, right? if you have limited parking and all guests arriving at the same time, the need for everyone to be seated simultaneously is even more critical. our valet parking, along with our traffic marshalling smoothes the way for efficient and ordered guest arrival.

casino, hotel, restaurant valet parking

there is no substitute for premium attention and for your vip clients who have it all, what could be better than a valet parking service for their car? they arrive foe their usual table or usual suite and are greeted by a professional parking service who will greet and treat their guest commensurate with your establishment. providing that additional valet parking service guarantees your venue remains the default choice for your clientele.

residential development valet parking

the expectations of residents are getting higher and higher and features that are common place abroad and at premier hotels are becoming mandatory and requested. concierge services and valet parking are the industry standard expectations and our service meets and then exceeds those expectations. with corporately unformed staff, to match, compliment or stand out from other residential staff, we are able to supply from one to as many as required on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis or for special events such as open days, sales events or communal celebrations. with bespoke insurance and tailor made ticketing, everything is managed by us to ensure the service is as efficient and yet discreet as is to be expected.

outsourcing car parking services

if you have a corporate or private car park, perhaps in a city centre, that is limited in spacing and needs better organisation or yo use want to add valet parking as a chargeable feature, we provide outsourcing services designed to meet your needs. we can provide everything from staff to fixtures and fittings. feel free to email us for details

new build parking issues

sticking to building time scales and schedules is always a challenge, particularly when the additional requirement to move newly purchased residents into their units is ever present. this move always brings unforeseen issues and one of those is the associated cars, that come with the new residents. the car parking is always the last area to be finalised and is usually used by the contractors as a storage area, with all the health and safety issues that presents. our service allows the car park to be utilised, safely, securely and professionally whilst simultaneously ensuring residents cars are stored out of sight and off site and health and safety rules are fully observed.