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our valet parking training courses

our experience and knowledge of valet parking is now available to all. we offer valet parking training courses for those companies, hotels, residential developments, night clubs and casinos that either have their own new staff who need training to the methods and procedures on site or a refresher course. our courses can cover all aspects of valet parking, from the basics of spacial awareness and bay parking, to car stacker parking. subjects can include health and safety, risk assessment, general administration, initial car appraisal, damage assessment, reporting and management. our courses are bespoke and so the client can decide the depth and length of the course. we can assist in preparing the course pack and course examination levels and contents, with attendance certificates, specifically designed to the clients parameters.

all our courses are conducted on site and can include practical exercises such as parking within the clients site and academic exercises. for more information and an individual quote, please email us