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our designated driver services

valetparked provides designated drivers service for events and functions to take you (and your guest) and your car to your next location and/or home at the end of the night. when you hold a private function or organised event, whether at a private residence, restaurant, event venue, or hotel, alcohol is frequently involved. this can affect drivers’ abilities. if one of your guests at your event has had a little too much to drink, our designated drivers means your guests can still get home safe and sound, without the worry of them being involved in an accident or Police incident, removing you from having to worry about liability issues. the peace of mind that our professional designated drivers can take on the responsibilities of driving a guest home, makes hosting an event less stressful. as a host, you have assurance that no guest will drink and drive, posing a safety risk to not only the guest, but others on the road. our designated driver service allows anyone to enjoy their time and make a responsible choice at the end of the evening without worrying about what may happen to their vehicle or how to get back to it the next day, with the costs and inconvenience any such return visit entails.  any situation where you can drive to an event location but shouldn't drive back - we will get you, your guest and your car, home safely at the end of the event/function.

how it works

designated driver services for private or corporate events

you can call to book ahead a designated driver or reserve us on the night.  due to the limited number of vp designated drivers available, we work on a first come first served, basis. we will collect necessary information (names, vehicle mileage, etc.) from the guest, invoice & collet payment via credit or debit card. we will confirm the booking and then drive them home safely.  our vp designated driver will wait for you for up to 15 minutes after confirmation of booking, prior to moving onto their next appointment.   clients will be charged in full if they are not located and setting off within the 15 minute window.  our full terms and conditions are linked here


our price reflects the costs of the alternative roundtrip taxi cab ride, time expenditure, all round inconvenience of the next morning with getting your car back. so, don't leave your car behind, avoid parking tickets and being clamped or towed away and most importantly, you have the peace of mind that you have not risked your licence and the hassle and stress of a Police stop.  there is minimum fee plus a per mile fee all plus vat and payable in advance by credit or debit card.